Introducing PiConfig


“The ultimate network configuration tool for your Raspberry Pi©”


 Why did I design this?


I realised fairly early in my use of the Raspberry Pi that setting up the Network is not the easiest thing to do, especially when the Pi is embedded in a project.

I have also seen many people struggling with this at the local Raspberry Jam’s that I have attended over the last year or so.


  •  No more command line configuration required!!

What is It?

It is a USB pen drive that contains a Windows & OS X based program, that enables you to configure your Network settings (both Wi-Fi and LAN) through a simple GUI (see screenshot) and then save the relevant details on to the USB drive. Once the pen drive is plugged into the Pi and booted, the correct files will automatically be saved to the Pi, which will then shut down. Then remove the USB pen drive.
When the Pi is booted again it will get the information from the pre-configured file and connect to the Network.
It has built in the ability to save Multiple Networks. Once saved, any of these Networks can be selected and by following the same ‘boot load’ process will configure the Pi for the different Network.

Here are some bullet points to describe the features: –

• Complete package with pre-installed software.
• Minimum set up required on Pi.
• Allows easy configuration of Network details.
• Multiple configurations supported.
• Program runs direct from USB – no PC installation required.
• Automatic configuration on boot of Pi.
• Pendrive contains user area for general use.
• PiConfig utility held in secure partition.


Windows based configuration tool.

*PiConfig supported on OS X too

PiConfig is available in 3 different designs

European Maple

(light wood)


Carbon Neutral

Metal – Pearlsilver


European Maple

(light wood)


Carbon Neutral

Web Shop

PiConfig is now available from our WebShop. Order Yours Now £8.99 – £14.99

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  • Enter your network data, using PiConfig tool
  • Save as “Your preferred choice”
  • Write to USB stick
    • Follow onscreen guide (video)
  • Wait for green activity light to stop flashing
    • Follow onscreen guide (video)
  • Restart RPi with WIFI dongle inserted, or Ethernet cable connected

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PiConfig?

It is a USB pen drive that contains a Windows & OS X based program, that enables you to configure the Network settings of your Raspberry Pi (both Wi-Fi and LAN) through a simple GUI.

Where can I buy one?

You can buy a Raspberry Pi directly from our website.

Any installation required?

Yes. To get PiConfig working, minimal installation is required. Locate the readme file on your PiConfig stick, and run the commands.

How do I know when to unplug the power from the Pi?

Wait for green activity light to stop flashing.

PiConfig website message

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